Bellmere State School

Bellmere State School

176 Dobson Lane, Bellmere Qld 4510

Telephone: 5498 0666


Bellmere State School is the newest Independent Public School to open in the Caboolture West area, being fully operational and officially opening to local families on 25 January 2016. With an expected enrolment of approximately 250 students, the official enrolment data at the beginning of Term 1 was 315 students from Prep to Year 6 with a maximum capacity of 538 students according to Education Queensland.

The school has currently completed Stage One with facilities including a Prep learning neighbourhood with four classrooms, amenities and a covered area; a junior learning neighbourhood with 16 classrooms, amenities and covered area; a special education centre; two laboratories to be used for design technology and science; specialist music rooms; a canteen and an oval. Stage two of the facilities will include senior school buildings and a whole-of-school hall which is scheduled for completion by 2018

Education Minister Kate Jones declared that the new Bellmere State School “will be a key education provider in what will be a rapid growth area in coming years.” Local residents in the Bellmere community are proud of the beautiful area and its history, with the school’s foundation Principal Deb Lorraway stating “we will work hard to emphasise collaboration and community and to maintain the rural look and feel of our school site even as future residential development expands around the area.”

Bellmere State School welcomes all families who live within the Bellmere catchment. For further information on your local catchment areas click here –

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